About us

We are an Online Travel Agency (OTA) specializing in bookings for Hotels, Activities, Cruises, and Safaris & Tours in Zambia.

Who we are

We, at Voyazed.com, are passionate about making travel easy and convenient by bringing a wide selection of travel and tourism services online that Zambia has to offer and make it simple for customers to book them.

We are committed to helping Zambia show case its beauty to the rest of the world by bringing every bit of travel and tourism service across the nation listed on our platform. We are also dedicated to helping customers both in and outside Zambia have a pleasant booking experience with us.

Voyazed.com was founded in 2015. Our offices are located in Lusaka, Zambia.

We pride ourselves on innovation

When it comes to innovation we pride ourselves on being the pacesetters and having the ability to think differently. Everyone in our company is constantly looking out for ways to be innovative in everything we do. We continually adapt to our customers changing needs and deliver the services expected of us in a positive and effective way. Our constant innovation continues to be a major driver in our company helping discover, define and differentiate the value that is delivered to customers as we shape the future of travel.

We are a team of genius people

We are a team of passionate, creative and innately brilliant individuals who love what we do, strive for excellence, fuelled by culture and live for understanding how genius solutions can change the world. Perpetual learning is implicit in what we do and everyone actively pursues new opportunities for improvement and growth. We believe that everyone on our team should feel empowered in our company to have a direct impact and share its successes.

We help our customers tell amazing stories

We believe that every journey has a story worth sharing. Start your journey with us and discover sincere people, places, and experiences with every trip you make. We will help you with all aspects of your journey from planning and booking to ground-level logistics. We deliver successful and satisfying travel solutions to help you find your amazing story… And tell it.

What we do

At Voyazed.com, we want to make a positive and lasting impression on the Zambian travel and tourism industry. We keep customer satisfaction as our top priority and are committed to providing the total quality travel experience to all our customers.

We help customers book hotel rooms, activities, cruises, and safaris & tours both online and over the phone. We also give recommendations and advice on all our bookable services and provide full support before, during and after booking.

We make it simple.